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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: ​Making Social Media

Simple and Successful


Hi, I'm Eena, the heart ​and hands behind ​Fleurish Digital.

I’ve got a huge love for social media, a bit of a thing for ​making things pretty, and a real drive to see things grow. It's ​all about helping businesses run by women get noticed and ​thrive on social media.

For me, it’s all about being there for each other, growing ​together, and watching the amazing journey of your brand ​unfold. This isn’t just my job; it’s what I’m passionate about, ​and getting to share this journey with you is the best part.

With a sprinkle of intuition, a dash of creativity, and a solid ​strategy, I'll help your brand not just grow, but flourish in ​ways that feel true to who you are.


At Fleurish Digital, our mission is to balance

the hustle of business growth with the joy of life's moments.

We're here to create a supportive community where female entrepreneurs can see their businesses bloom, all while embracing the ​personal commitments that make life rich and full. Let's grow and cherish together, turning ambitions into achievements without ​missing out on what truly matters.

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social media


Let me handle your social ​media, so you don't have to ​stress. I'll plan it out, post for ​you, and make sure people ​love what they see and stay ​engaged.


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Content Creation

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email marketing

I love creating content that ​feels just right for your ​brand. From eye-catching ​images to words that matter, ​I’ve got it covered, making ​sure your story reaches the ​heart of your audience.

I send out emails that feel ​like catching up with an old ​friend. They're all about ​keeping your crowd in the ​loop and making them feel ​special, which helps your ​business grow.

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Community ​Engagement

It's all about real talk and ​making connections. I jump ​into conversations, keep the ​vibes positive, and make ​sure everyone feels like ​they’re part of something ​awesome.


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Fiori Package

Fiori Package

  • Social media audit and analysis
  • Development of a customized social media strategy
  • 5x Weekly Instagram Posting
  • 2 Reel ideas/edits per week
  • 2 Instagram Stories per day
  • 1 hour of engagement per day
  • Email Marketing (2 newsletters per month)
  • Hashtag Vault and Copy
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Strategy Call

The Process



I’ll send over a short and sweet questionnaire for you to fill ​out. It’s easy-peasy and all about getting to know the heart ​and soul of your business, your dreams for your social ​media, and what makes you, well, you! It helps me tailor ​everything just right.


Coffee Chat Call

Let’s have a virtual coffee chat! We’ll set up a call to ​talk through your quiz answers, brainstorm some ​ideas, and just make sure we’re totally in sync. It’s ​casual, no pressure – just two people planning out ​some awesome stuff.


Hello and High-Fives

Right after you decide we’re a match, you’ll get a warm ​welcome email from me. It’s like a big virtual hug, ​thanking you for choosing Fleurish Digital and giving ​you a peek at what’s coming. Spoiler: It’s all good stuff.


Your Custom Strategy and Kick-off

Based on our call, I’ll craft a custom strategy proposal ​for your social media, content creation, and more. ​After your thumbs-up, we’ll finalize the paperwork, and ​then it’s go time! You’ll receive a kick-off email ​detailing the first steps of our exciting project together ​and when you can expect to see magic happening.

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"I truly appreciate you! ​You have been overly and ​extremely helpful and I'll ​forever appreciate you. ​Words cannot express ​how thankful I am for you. ​Thank you a million ​times."

andrea e.

ceo & founder of

the business hub

"Working with Fleurish ​Digital has been a game-​changer for our business. ​They have a deep ​understanding of our ​target audience. Highly ​recommend!"

lara g.

marketing director

“We are very pleased with ​the results of the social ​media branding and ​management. The page ​looks great. You and your ​staff did an amazing job. ​We never experienced ​working with social media ​professionals and we ​were pleased with the ​services.

applecore's bakes

“Working with you has ​been so wonderful, and I ​couldn’t have asked for a ​more amazing and ​talented virtual assistant. ​Your hard work, support, ​and dedication in pushing ​my various business ​endeavors forward means ​a lot to me. Thanks for ​teaching me and being ​patient as well.”

chrystene n.


Feeling the good vibes and ready to see your social ​media sparkle without the fuss? I've got you.

Imagine me as your digital bestie - here to guide, laugh, ​and achieve awesome results together.

Hit me up in any way you prefer – email, DM, or even old-school letter. Let’s chat about your dreams and make ​them a reality for your brand. At Fleurish Digital, you'll find a friend who’s genuinely excited to help you ​succeed. We're about to make your social media journey smooth and spectacular. Can’t wait to hear from you ​and get this adventure started!

To your business success,

Eena <3


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